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Getting Unstuck

  • Here are a few areas in which #TheLMT has helped me get unstuck!
    GOAL GANG - Never heard of it until Sidney Gaskins created it on #TheLMT.

    Sticking to and giving myself one uncomfortable challenge per day has made my life so much more productive. As an artist it feels counter-intuitive to PLAN my day.

    I'm spontaneous and tend to act on inspiration. But ever since starting I've been forced to be more frugal with my time. As Celeste The Therapist says, "Live intentionally."

    I've seen the difference between days with no plan vs days with at least 1-3 daily goals written out. It makes a HUGE difference.

    I used to think of daily goal setting as choosing goals that built up to a bigger goal. I've come to learn that the bigger goal is always here and always ready for me.

    The key is to create daily goals that clear the path for bigger goals. Create daily goals that enable me to be who I need to become for my bigger aspirations. If not, I'll never have the time to be the man my greater goals need me to be.

    MARKING TIME - Began doing this late 2018. Wish I'd started sooner...

    I also have a 15 minute timer running throughout my work days to keep myself mindful of how my minutes are being spent.

    Few things piss me off as much as realizing I wasted 15 minutes scrolling Instagram or texting someone who randomly poped up in my notifications.

    First question that comes to mind is, "was it worth it?" First answer that comes to mind is, "hell no."

    So as I've gotten into the habit of marking time, my priorities have changed. Perfecting that IG post doesn’t rank as high on my list of priorities. It has become second nature to reduce the effort placed on things that do not serve the task in front of me.

    Even with tech support for my phone service. The minute I find myself on the phone with a tech person who is not knowledgeable, I say thank you but I'll have to call back and hang up. If the problem persists, I dump the service for one that is more efficient.

    THE ART OF NOT MULTI-TASKING - Really stood out since doing a network show AND #TheLMT.

    That's the other thing. Being more conscious of my time has shown me how multi-tasking compromises the quality of my work and draws out every task sometimes hours longer than necessary.

    UNCOMFORTABLE CHALLENGES - I finally figured out why I cannot do it all myself.

    The daily 'uncomfortable challenge' I mentioned earlier is about forcing myself to do one thing that is well beyond my comfort zone each day.

    For instance, I have a real issue with delegation. It's as if I'd rather try to tackle all tasks on my own and fail, than take the time to hire and train qualified professionals and succeed.

    I believe this issue stems from being raised in a household that lacked boundaries or integrity. I still fear not being in control. My past has conditioned me to believe trusting others is a mistake with dire consequence.

    Thanks to all the volunteers at I have a daily practice of training one person per day. The more I do it the more comfortable I become with the task.

    I am also gaining experience in what it's like to hire and train highly motivated people and it has helped me see be more trusting.

    I've also learned pacing and process. I now prefer to ease each person into a position with just a few tasks. I allow their work ethic and output to determine how much more trust and responsibility they'll be granted.

    How does this translate into business? My tech support teams are on retainer. They often require an upfront purchase of 80 hours plus to initiate a contract.

    I have now gotten to the point of insisting on being charged per project until trust is EARNED, at which point I will gladly purchase the 80 or 160 hour retainer package.

    If a tech team refuses, I interpret it as a company that does not wholeheartedly believe in their service. Perhaps they are lacking in qualified techs, customer service or are poor at completing tasks in a timely manner.

    That's not for me to figure out. But a company who is willing to work to earn their customer's trust is the only company I am interested in.

    CONFIDENCE BUILDING - Confidence in one thing does not mean confidence in another.

    This platform is teaming with intelligent, motivated, upwardly mobile people who see the value in being part of a supportive community.

    It has helped me gain experience in areas of life and business that I wish I'd learned decades earlier. It has helped highlight my strengths and weaknesses.

    All my life I've been a Visionary posing as a project manager and I've failed miserably. I do not have organization skills. I suck at organizing tasks and mapping out the step-by-step processes to task completion.

    I am excellent at seeing a weakness in the market place and carving out an idea that fills the deficit. I am excellent at marketing. I am great at motivating people.

    The upside of being raised in a household that lacked boundaries and integrity is that I prioritize integrity and boundaries above all else. Some say I'm extreme, but that trait has given others great confidence in me as a leader.

    By delegating tasks I either suck at or have no time to do, frees up time for me to focus on my strengths. Doing more of what I'm good at has given me a great boost in confidence, as it relates to business.

    CULTURE - I am finally learning how this works thanks to #TheLMT moderators!

    The one area I aim to improve in is culture. I want to make the members and volunteers of feel special and appreciated. I always want you to feel as if you are part of something special.

    If you observe the bohemeths of tech, what made them special in the beginning were their highly motivated teams. These companies created environments that gave their team members a voice and recognition for their work.

    Some of my favorite Hollywood producers have a way of making everyone feel greatly appreciated. Some make their entire production feel like a party. I want that for us.

    I want every volunteer and ever member of to know they are appreciated. I want ba supportive and celebratory atmosphere throughout . That is the kind of culture I aspire to. As a leader, this is an area I believe I can improve in. I WILL improve.

    PURPOSE - I'd been searching for this my entire life.

    encompasses all of my aspirations. I've spoken at colleges, shelters and some of the countries most dangers schools. I've had thousands of people request my mentorship. I rarely see or read anything that explains the path to success in a way I find satisfactory.

    I believe back story and psychological process must be shared in order to truly understand how people achieve their dreams. Otherwise these success stories are just misleading fairytales with no valuable takeaways.

    allows me to do all of these things under one umbrella. Now everything I do is serving the same purpose and it feels great.

    WALK THE WALK - An area that needs improvement.

    I am lacking in the area of physical fitness. After a long season of filming and building I've grown weary. Burning the candle at both ends for over three years has taken its toll.

    I do not look remotely close to my best. I feel good but my point of reference is so jaded, I have no true recollection of what my best is. But starting now I am going to prioritize early nights and early fitness. I see no point in being on if it is not to make us better.

    How about you? What have you learned about business lately?

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