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  • Confused

    Posted November 29, 2021 by Lady .

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    Is the Tribe still active?

  • 10 Symptoms of Self-Defeating Personality Disorder

    Posted May 27, 2020 by Romany Malco

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    Overwhelmed = Escape  Aloneness = Cling Fearfulness = Control The majority of damage imposed on our psychological health stems from how we choose to behave based on the triggers we’ve developed from our chi Read More...

  • In Case of Emergency

    Posted May 23, 2020 by Romany Malco

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    United States Emergency: 911National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1- 800-799-7233National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)National Hopeline Network: 1-800-SUICIDE (800-784-2433)Crisis Read More...

  • 5 Symptoms of Inferiority Complex and How to Overcome Them

    Posted May 19, 2020 by Romany Malco

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    I’m about to walk you through five symptoms of an inferiority complex, their causes as well as evidenced-based tips on how to improve self-esteem. At the core of an inferiority complex is a concern about how we co Read More...

  • 7 Signs of an Immature Relationship

    Posted May 9, 2020 by Romany Malco

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    I want to walk you through the seven signs that you may be in an immature relationship and how to know whether you’ve outgrown it.    Now, I’m sure many of us look back on relationships when we Read More...

  • 10 Signs of a Destructive and Unhealthy Relationship

    Posted May 7, 2020 by Romany Malco

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    I'm going to go over 10 indicators of a destructive and unhealthy relationship and I’m also going to talk about how I personally struggle with these issues to the point of being borderline abusive.    & Read More...

  • Nine Most Common Psychological Reasons for Infidelity

    Posted April 28, 2020 by Romany Malco

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    I am a cheater. Meaning, I am someone who cheated while in a committed relationship. And in this blog I am going to cover the 9 most common reasons people commit infidelity.  The COVID19 lockdown has given me a l Read More...

  • 8 Behavioral Patterns of an Emotionally Unstable Man

    Posted April 24, 2020 by Romany Malco

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      Today I’m going to talk about the eight behavioral signs that suggest you may be dealing with an emotionally unstable man.  This discussion will walk you through the science of emotional instab Read More...

  • Am I an enabler? | What is enabling behavior?

    Posted April 24, 2020 by Romany Malco

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    Hey guys. Romany Malco here, and today I want to walk you through the ten traits of an enabler. Now, if you’ve not heard of this term before, an enabler is someone who encourages the negative or self-destructi Read More...

  • Recent Changes to #TheLMT

    Posted April 22, 2020 by Romany Malco

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    Hey, It's Romany Malco. I just wanted to make you aware of the recent changes to #TheLMT. You must be logged in to see updates Click Here I sincerely hope you and your family are safe and in good spirits. Thank Read More...

  • Why My Diet Failed

    Posted December 12, 2019 by Romany Malco

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    Your Diet Is Not Going to Work If…    Your diet is not going to work if you can’t separate the science fact from marketing fiction. To do that, you’d have to spend weeks reading dozens of m Read More...

  • The Science of Establishing New Habits

    Posted December 3, 2019 by Romany Malco

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    What would you change about yourself? If you could, I mean. Do you bite your nails? Procrastinate? Leave clothes in the dryer til they’re out of style?  If you just can’t seem to shake that bad habit, sc Read More...