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A Woman's Worth

  • A Woman's Worth

    By Lady Dee

    Standing still
    In a world of uncertainty
    Unable to embrace her life
    She is frozen in a world of self-hatred
    Willing to accept the disgrace
    Her beauty is like energy, light and strong
    She never even knew
    Her time had come and gone
    Her self-hatred lie so deep
    If only she could see
    If only she could see
    Her gracious spirit in all its splendor
    Only a prelude to her life
    She's a GODDESS
    An everlasting brilliance
    She is a WOMAN
    A WOMAN of Worth
    To be embraced and loved
    Cherished and cared for
    For a lifetime and more
    Her preciousness a gift
    Forever a gift...
    If only she knew...
    Her WOMAN'S WORTH...


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