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What’s your worth?

  • In an ideal world...
    Our value would not be determined by our looks, our jobs, our wallets, our education, our past traumas, our health, our families or our friends. Our value would be determined by our acts of kindness...the things we did for people who could do nothing in return for us. Simple things like smiling at a stranger have a ripple effect.

    EVERYONE is fighting a battle you know nothing about. We THINK our personal battles are worse than everyone else’s battles. We THINK we’re the only ones who are depressed and struggling. Everyone is depressed. Everyone is struggling. Life is messy. It will always be messy. It’s messy for everyone. In the middle of that mess, as horrific as it may be, the MOST important thing to remember is to spread kindness. It costs nothing, yet the value is priceless.

    If your value was determined by your kindness, how much would you be worth?

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