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Please "LIKE" page to use for future reference. LIFE MANAGEMENT TRIBE  is a social network promoting personal development and psychological wellness. A FEW FACTS: 1) We are really happy to have you here! 2) Our site is really rough with a lot of bugs and technical issues. 3) Each time you encounter a problem we want to know. 4) You can post all technical issues in the FORUM section of the site for everyone to see. 5) You can also post suggestions. 6) Your feedback and constructive critism really helps us (The Tribe). 7) We're hoping you have some really genuine things to contribute. All we ask is that you post your top 5 most meaningful, funny, insightful, weird, outlandish things you can. It helps if your posts somehow relate to self-improvement and leading better personal and professional lives. Thank you for everything! Your feedback means the world to us! Support Team Life Management Tribe You earn ACTIVITY POINTS each time you share, comment or win a competition.   You may also GIFT POINTS to others if you like what they contribute.    Use your ACTIVITY POINTS to purchase cool merch:     Much like a Patreon account we rely on your support to produce our broadcasts. Please consider one of the following membership tiers: TRIBE MEMBER - $ 1.00/month WARRIOR - $ 4.99/month  CHIEF - $ 9.99/month ROYALTY - $19.99/month PHAROAH - $24.99/month
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Prison Logic
Prison Logic hosted by Tijuana Jackson and produced by Romany Malco. Contribute to the Prison Logic™ Movie or Web Series here: ► Prison Logic™: ► PAYPAL: ► BITCOIN: 1J397p5zirF9kPfE86RKSJbx5Z4kR1NdTe ► PERKS: ———————————— ► JOIN: Prison Logic Movie Production Team: ———————————— ► BUY A PERK: to Support Prison Logic Movie: ———————————— ► JOIN MAILING LIST: to automatically enter your name in the T-Shirt Lottery: ———————————— ► GET TJ's MIXTAPE: ———————————— ► FOLLOW A NIGGA: *TWITTER - *INSTAGRAM - *SnapChat - ———————————— ► WHAT IS PRISON LOGIC? A weekly show hosted by Tijuana Jackson ex convict turned motivational speaker. Prison Logic teachings stem from the ageless wisdom of  METAPHILOSCIENCE (15 Disciplines): ———————————— ► EDITOR: *Brandon Perna: ———————————— ► STUDIO: Momentous Media Network, Inc.: ———————————— ► CAMERA: *Cannon CANON 70D
Amber Rendon
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