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    Fruit and Veggie Feast

    All species have a species specific diet. Lions are carnivores, humans are frugivores which means we thrive of eating mainly fruit. Fruit is anything with a seed in it.
    --- Rules of Fast:---
    -Eat mainly raw fruits
    -You may allow yourself to eat some...  more
    led by Vegan Chick

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    Weekly Challenge

    Post all your responses to #WeeklyChallenges here.
    led by Romany Malco

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    My 30 Accomplishments Challenge

    Each day of this 30 day challenge you will be required to share one of your life accomplishments.


    No accomplishment is too big or too small.

    *First Place: LMT TRIBE Hoodie & T-shirt.
    *Second Place: LMT TRIBE Hat & T-shirt.
    *Third Place: LMT TRIBE T-shirt.

    JOIN GROUP to participate.
    led by Romany Malco

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    Tough Questions


    This is where your answers to tough questions should be posted.

    This group was previously designed for the 30/30 Challenge. Now that that challenge is over we'd like to continue the tradition of asking and answering tough questions....  more
    led by Romany Malco

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    Declutter Challenge

    What? A #DeclutterChallenge on #TheLMT?!?!

    Participants will have to remove one piece of clutter from their life per day. They'll also have to photograph and share it on #TheLMT.
    led by Romany Malco