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Date Night: Do you have a Love Ritual?

  • When you have a full-time job, a family and as many side hustles as I do (and I have quite a few), it's important that you set aside quality time for the one you love.

    14 years is a long time to be in a relationship. We have been together twice as long as most celebrity marriages and we are still going strong. Don't misunderstand longevity for perfection, we have had our share of obstacles but we have always found our way back to love.

    In the spirit of keeping our love alive, we essentially make time to nurture our relationship on a regular basis. Sure we see each other every day, we start and end our days with "I love you" but sometimes life can be a distraction from what's important to your relationship... quality time.

    "Date Night" is essential for every relationship- long or short term. It doesn't have to always be an expensive night out on the town. It doesn't always have to be a movie and dinner. Date night can be what you want it to be. I've prepared candle-lit picnics on our bedroom floor. We'd be content just sitting in the park watching the stars. We make our time alone and away from the diversions of adulting count.

    So when "Daddy" ( that's what Siri and I call him) suggested that we re-design our end bed table with a montage of Prince photos that I had been collecting from old magazines I immediately responded, "That's why I f*cks wit' you, my nig."

    So we isolated ourselves in our room (we just basically locked the door and told the kids we were taking the day off and to pretend that we weren't home). We cut out pics, talked about the state of the world, the Royal Wedding and the hidden message in Phil Collin's "In The Air". (FYI, there is no hidden message). I love that this dude gets me. He digs my weirdness and my wild obsession with Prince. He feeds me artistic whims, supports my every hustle and doesn't mind cutting out a few Prince pics that understandably makes him uncomfortable as a man to look at.

    After I pieced together the layout, he then suggested that we cuddle and watch "Under the Cherry Moon" .. Ladies if you find a man that will watch this movie with you and enjoy it almost as much as you do, you've got a keeper.

    We wrapped up our "Date Day" (because we essentially spent the whole day focused on each other) with what I call a "Love Ritual" box. The "Love Ritual" box is a little gem we created with some great "date night" necessities. The box varies in content and is often themed. I've created a "Movie Night" box that contains popcorn, candy, a list of Netflix suggestions that appeal to us both and some other trinkets to make the night fun. Last night I pulled out the "Romance Box" which contains a great lemon-grass Moroccan massage oil, that I made myself. It's excellent for sensual massages.. it soothes aches, softens the skin, has no oily residue and a great prerequisite for passion.

    I hope this wasn't TMI, because what I've learned about love I feel should be shared. Love and companionship are a necessity but determining who to love and be your companion can be a tiresome journey of failed relationships, broken hearts and a diminishing self-esteem. So when you find that love; it is important to nurture, develop it and continue to let it blossom because it truly is a beautiful thing.

    If you are planning a date night and need some ideas, I have a plethora of them.

    To check out the video of our completed project CLICK HERE

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