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Musty sex and cigarettes

  • The devil loved me once, and ever since. But I desperately seek an angelic love. A love with a halo round enough for two. Fate and demons created these cravings of human touch. Without embrace I'm lost and worthless. And he said he loved me when he pulled my pants down. In a musty room smelling of sex and cigarettes. Told me my worth when he said I was tight, waved, and left the room. And he said come on I'll see you again as I laid back in my filth. His silence spoke volumes about the love I deserve. That stuffy hotel room loved me more, embracing me in musty sex and cigarettes. Why do I associate human contact with love? I have an idea, or three, maybe more. How do I succeed at love when lust and shame my mentor. Am I worth more than cheap musty hotel rooms, sex and cigarettes? This path created by my past; has become my destiny. My body and mind is worth less than than musty sex and cigarettes.

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