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Expired statistic

  • Today marks the day I become worth less than my pussy


    You see, to many that was all I had to offer


    Some believe(d) it could even be taken


    Now that I'm out of shape and older, I'm ugly


    Worth less than what I once had to "serve"


    Today I become less than what was stolen from me


    You see I'm just a thing on a shelf


    Collecting dust, marked down to clearance


    Shoved me in his pocket, took me off the shelf


    Then turned around and returned me


    Today is the day I become a statistic




    Its a dusty object, ingored in the back


    Only taken out and displayed on occasion


    Now that I'm older I'm wilted and worthless


    Today I see flashes of flesh before me


    You see what I'm worth can be broken and pillaged


    Can't speak my mind cause I'm dumb and crazy


    I've become less than my price tag


    Tear stained cheeks, drowning in self doubt


    Today marks the day I'm no longer myself


    You see I've been inducted in the hall of shame


    Not smart nor pretty, worthy of respect


    I'm only dusty pussy sitting on the shelf


    Today is the day they cut my lifeline 


    You see I've been silenced and shunned


    Can't share my truth or break the shackles of  shame


    Today is the day they stole my spirit


    You see my body never belonged to me


    They cut my lifeline and injected me with shame

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