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  • I am no of importance to you on this new years eve, on this new years day.

    And while I seek nothing more than conversation and friendship, you seek feeding a malnourished ego.

    I cannot force you to be my friend, I cannot force you to touch each screen.

    Yes I'll admit I'd love to catch your eye but you are a stranger nonetheless.

    My weakness is your gain as they say... so your gluttonous ego has become the death of me

    Yet you watch each cell with deceptive detail and expect me to jump with baited breath.

    As robotic as I am, I am still no fool. No fool desperate for love, as you drown within your emotion.

    I'm envious of your silent confidence, when butterflies tickle my every last nerve

    This breath I breathe is tortuous and quiet, deep within this corner, I exhale

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