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Reason's why I screw up when dating

  • Reasons why I screw up when dating

    1. I get eager and overly excited when someone shows interest

    2. My insecurities tell me i'm not good enough

    3. Its easier to sabotage things to avoid getting hurt first

    4. The truama I've endured from childhood to adulthood has alienated me. I'm like a wild animal incapable of communicating/ connecting in a "normal" way. I'm a stray in need of tlc.

    5. I assume they will hurt me

    6. Texting is impersonal and I often misunderstand

    7. Getting mixed messages from them makes me panic

    8. I am not always understanding but when I try to work on it I overcompensate and come across as "trying to hard" or forcing things

    9. I need some kind of reassurance there's an interest

    10. I'm too open and honest

    11. I overanalyze

    12. I've never been raised to be or feel like i'm anything special (my traumas just confirm/ reinforce this)

    13. I don't believe or trust most people

    14. Sarcasm

    15. I frequently put my foot in my mouth

    16. I dont have many suitors so when my eagerness kicks in I start to panic and don't know what to do or say

    17. When I make mistakes I desperately want to fix them. Even if they're trivial

    18. When he kissed me and told me i was pretty i thought that maybe...just maybe i had a chance

    19. I take things to personally

    20. I'm rusty

    21. I've loved but never been in love which I desperately seek/ache for. Which makes me panic and want to rush when someone does show an interest.

    22. I'm not dating material

    23. They confuse the fuck out of me

    24. I wear my heart on my sleeve

    25. I can't get them out of my mind.

    26. I misinterpret the signs

    27. I have no hope

    28. I'm way too shy breaking the ice

    29. My guard is constantly up and down there's no in between

    30. I'm afraid to make a first move (most of the time i'm rejected and defeated).

    31. Nervousness which turns into me fumbling with shit

    32. Being an introvert

    33. Saying way too much and or wayyy too little there's no in between

    34. Feeling like an imposition or burden

    35. Desperation

    36. Impatient

    37. My all around bratty-ness

    38. Hormones

    39. Fear

    40. Incapable of forming complete thoughts

    41. Terrible at giving and receiving compliments

    42. I should just give up now

    43. Guilt I'm constantly beating myself up

    44. I go from one extreme to the next

    45. I'm terrible at keeping it cool

    46. Depression and ptsd

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