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  • #peace #love #art

    Posted February 21, 2020

    love letter from the earth, to the Moon and the Stars to the Gravitational pull and Energetic Light i love you in rotation

  • NYE

    Posted August 1, 2019

    I am no of importance to you on this new years eve, on this new years day. And while I seek nothing more than conversation and friendship, you seek feeding a malnourished ego. I cannot force you to be my friend, I cannot force you to touch each screen. Yes ...

  • Reason's why I screw up when dating

    Posted November 22, 2018

    Reasons why I screw up when dating 1. I get eager and overly excited when someone shows interest 2. My insecurities tell me i'm not good enough 3. Its easier to sabotage things to avoid getting hurt first 4. The truama I've endured from childhood to ad...

  • Benjamin's

    Posted September 14, 2018

    Darker and darker the spiral goes and where it ends only God knows. If it stays in the middle it's stagnant, when it goes to the end it runs rampant. Mental fluctuation in peculiar situations is killing a liberated nation. A nation of bankers are givers not takers, as t...

  • Lion tamer (bambi retort)

    Posted September 9, 2018

    So after hearing Jidenas Babmi i was obsessed with Bambi and what she'd say in response. This is my retort Lion Tamer Gotta admit... Love when you call me bambi bam bi but I was never your la la lady You declined my calls, come to find out this was love after all? And a...

  • One of my 30 (repost and edited)

    Posted September 8, 2018

    The world we live not the world I wanna be...   You can torch the ship's, burn the land....but you will never smoke me.    I didn't sell my soul to the devil for anything less than thirteen fifty.    Never sold my spirit to the sc...

  • Need a lift?

    Posted September 8, 2018

    (the dreams of you once went away..... but the dreams they came back the other day they were more vivid than they ever were before and... i don wanna know you no more   Pussy and a ride, pussy and a ride, all i was to you was pussy and a ride...

  • Confession

    Posted September 8, 2018

    So I have a bit of a confession.  I hope I'm not a disappointment to you guys. I just wanted to let y'all know that the poetry I've shared on here was not written off the cuff by me.  They are poems I had written and posted on within the past ye...

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